R&D and Continuous improvement:

Continuous improvement on production efficiency, quality and cost control during Fab operation.In the long term, the effectiveness of grinding media must be measured by the final cost per tonne of product efficiently ground. The key to improve the grinding media's wear rate, is to make a balance between the hardness and wear-resistance. Taihong always strive to improve the grinding media's wear rate, to save the total cost for our customers.

Professional sales& Quick response:

"We regard customers as our partners and their own success is highly important to us. Based on this value, we are always innovationg to adapt our products to the changing market trends as well as customers requiments, meeting the strictest expectations.
We offer a broad range of services to help you build on your success. This range of services is expanded on a constant basis so that you can always react swiftly to the latest changes in the market."

Reliable logistics&Rapid delivery:

The punctual delivery of ordered goods is very important to maintaining the pleasant business with our customers. We therefore attach great importance to meeting your instant needs on delivery time. For the strictly planed production schedule guarantees the goods be manufactured as per agreed delivery time. What´s more, located near to Qingdao Port, which is one of the biggest Port in China, saves much time and makes Taihong´s delivery most convenient.